AMUSIE’s Young Designers Contest – WIN 350,000 FCFA



Amusie Beauty and Fashion is a UK based family-owned business which was founded in Dec 2020. The Winning Prize of 350,000frs for this Fashion Contest is being sponsored by our CEO Mrs Linda Amungwa as her own way of doing charity work and giving back to her community. The contest is part of her ‘Behind the scenes with Team Amusie’ and will broadcasted weekly on her Social media pages.

Our Vision

Due to high levels of unemployment in Cameroon and the recent crises in the country, a lot of young people have been left suffering and struggling to make a living. This contest aims to support, in its own little way, young people who have talent in the Fashion and Beauty industry. Each season will have a different target population ie Season 1 is for Orphans and Single Parents.

There is not only a chance to win the Prize, but the contestants will be mentored, supported, and given advice regarding starting a business, making products to a standard that can be consumed outside of Cameroon, and tips on how to market their products, including the importance of having a website and social media presence.

How can you support this Vision?

We are looking for individuals and businesses to support and sponsor our Finalists.

Sponsoring a Contestant involves supporting them financially to get the materials they require to produce the outfits for the competition. It is about giving back to your community.

Sponsorship of a contestant has been estimated to about 25,000frs for the duration of the season.

We are also looking for individuals and/or business to sponsor a second and/or third Prize

If you are an entrepreneur, you will in return, benefit from media exposure of your social business page as we will promote your page and business and be your brand ambassador during the competition.

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Whatsapp 00447940456157

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Facebook @Amusie Beauty and Fashion

Youtube- Behind the scenes with team Amusie

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