Sdf Shadow Mincom Dispels Claims Of Its Chairman Opting To Mediate Anglophone Crisis

In a communique published by the Social Democratic Front shadow cabinet Minister, Jean R. Wafo incharge of information and media, he stated that the chairman raised four main issues in a meeting with the PM, Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute on day 2 of his four days working visit in Bamenda to find lasting solutions to the 3 years old crisis rocking the North West and the South west Regions of Cameroon.

Without opting to dialogue as claimed by some social media activists, he said the chairman raised four main issues as the way forward to end the war; an immediate ceasefire, release of all prisoners, imprisoned in relation to the crisis, the appointment of a mediator and dialogue proper with the involvement of observers to monitor the peace process.

The PM will travel to the South West region for the same mission as from the 14th of May, 2019. The unanswered question remains, will Dr Dion Ngute,s mission end the crisis?

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