South-West Chiefs Divided Over Boycott Of National Day Celebrations

The Paramount Chief designate of Buea, His Royal Majesty, Dr Esuka Endeley has, in a communiqué signed today, Wednesday May 8, called on the chiefs of Buea and their subjects to give a deaf ear to the call by the South-West Chief's Conference (SWECC) to boycott May 29, celebrations in the Region.


He has equally implored his subjects to remain patriotic Camerronians by taking part in the National Day celebrations.


Chief Esuka's call, which is contrary to that of the SWECC president, has left the public eager to see the "heavy sanction" that shall be meted on him in line with the threats carried by the SWECC boycott communiqué.


The SWECC press release promised hard times for any of their peers that will snub the boycott call and go ahead to take part in the National Day activities.





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