University Games "Dschang 2019": National Institute Of Youth And Sports Battles For Supremacy

Unofficial results from games secretariat put the National Institute of Youth and Sports (INJS) at the top of the table with 17 medals ao far, 12 in gold.


INJS is gathering as much medals as possible, with its athletes committed give the institution another crown as the king of the varsity games in this 22nd edition . This committed has been reflected in the determination of the INJS athletes on the field since the beginning of the competition. Yesterday alone, the institution snatched 6 gold medals, especially in track and field, men and women triple jumps.


The Winner of the Men’s 5000m race, Donald Nyamjua, who equally won in the Men’s 1500m race said his success is the fruit of hard work, prayers and determination to let INJS emerge on first position.


In this race for victory, the Siantou University Institute is not an easy ride, closely following on 2nd position with 7 gold medals, followed by the University of Ngaoundere with two.


Top 5 Olympic gold medalists


1st: INJS, 12

2nd: Siantou University Institute, 07

3rd: University of Ngaoundere, 02

4th: University of Yaounde I, 02

5th: University of Yaounde II, 02

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