South-West Chiefs Declare Total Boycott Of National Day Celebrations

In a recent release which has been relayed by "Cameroon News Agency," the Secretary General of the South-West Chiefs Conference (SWECC), His Majesty Njie Mandenge, has reiterated the call of the SWECC president for all South-West chiefs to stay off all May 20th activities.


This decision is meant to manifest the indignation and discontent of the chiefs to the utterances of Governor Okalia Bilai, and the letter of observation addressed by the D.O of Buea to the SWECC president.


SWECC has warned its peers that any chief that goes against this order will face heavy sanctions.


The chiefs have equally ridiculed the D.O of Buea for his "baseless and misguided letter of observation" addressed to the SWECC president following his reply to Governor Okalia's threats. According to the chiefs, the D.O of Buea lacks the competence to talk on issues that concern the Region. 

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