Fako Chiefs Take Tough Stand After Governor Okalia Orders Them To March On May 20Th

A college of chiefs from over 100 villages that make up Fako Division of the South West Region of Cameroon have resolved after a concertation meeting, that any chief who heeds to the order passed by Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai will give a pig to each of the 100 villages as fine.

Governor Okalia Bilai recently in a preparatory meeting towards the National Day celebrations on the 20th of May 2019 insisted that, any chief who does not march with a placard bearing the name of his village, and his subjects behind him will face the consequences after 30 days. He further stresses that, the chiefs use to serve as volunteer auxilarry administrators and now, they have been integrated fully and must respect all administrative orders or have themselves to blame.

According to the Cameroon News Agency, the chiefs are caught in a dilema, whether to march on May 20th and secure their salaries or march and pay 100 pigs.

It should be noted that, in Cameroon chiefs are regarded as custodians of the tradition and marching in public will be considered a taboo.




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