Atanga Nji Suspends Designation Of Traditional Rulers In Fako

The Minister of Territoral Administration, Paul Atanga Nji, has ordered the Senior Divisional Officer of Fako Division, South-West Region, to stay all procedures of designating and authenticating traditional authorities.


This decision, the Minister says, has been prompted by a series of contestations that have flooded his office according which the procedure is mired in corruption and influence peddling. 


According to reports gathered by, most designations have been done through vote by supposed king makers, a practice which is in contrast with the customs and tradition of the people. Such a practice has even deprived many royal families of the right to succession to the favour of influential and administratively backed postulants.


Worse of all, villages and chiefs have been designated at random, with the main objective being to grap parcels of land being surrendered to the communities by the Cameroon Development Corporation, CDC.





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