Ambazonia Leaders Call Off School Boycott

A cross section of Ambazonian leaders converged on Berlin, Germany from April 11-14 under the banner of the Ambazonia Stakeholders Strategic Conference (ASSC) and arrived at a number of resolutions among which figured that calling for an end to school boycott.

The conference which brought together leaders who call the shots in the present sociopolitical impasse in the Anglophone crises was equally attended by the Acting Interim President of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia, Dr Samuel Sako Ikome.

Resolution 24 of conference states that the ASSC "appeals on parents to assess the security situation in their LGAs/Counties before sending their children to school."

Participants at the conference equally addressed a message to Anglophone senators and MPs, calling on them to immediately resign from Parliament.

The resulotion to end school boycott has been saluted by a good number of persons on ground zero, while others have received the news with a lot of apprehensions on grounds that the secessionists on ground zero may not heed the call.




Wain Muam


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