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Unity Foundation Cameroon Rescues The Life Of An Anglophone Detainee

Unity Foundation Cameroon (UFC) on Monday March 18th, 2019 rushed Ndenge John Marinus to the Yaounde Emergency Centre for urgent medical attention. Marinus who has been detained at the Yaounde Central Prison for several months now in relation to the Anglophone crisis was almost giving up a ghost due to gastric ulcer.


After talking to the CEO of Unity Foundation, Mr Yunji Wilson Yai, he stated; "It was on Monday 18th March, 2019 that i was contacted on phone by a detainee that the prison administration has ordered that Marinus be taken to the hospital. I was directed to one hospital at Essos, Yaounde where Marinus was first rushed, we quickly went there just to realise he had been taken back to the prison because the hospital at Essos demanded a deposit of 500,000FCFA before commencing treatment. We went to prison and took him to the Yaounde Emergency Centre, after depositing a sum of 188,000FCFA, he was successfully operated on the night of 18th March. After spending 7 days at the intensive care unit of this Centre, He was discharged on March 27th, 2019 after we have spent above 1 million on him. We are happy his life is out of danger though he still needs another operation on his back as requested by the medical specialist". After contacting the administration of the Yaounde Emergency Centre to find out if Marinus was treated  free of charge as claimed by some social media activists, eventmeed was provided all the receipts settled by UFC.


UFC is a non-profit organization with head office in Fonfuka, Boyo, created in 2013 with mission to transform the Society through humanitarian service, education, agriculture, sports and Culture, peace and democracy. They have been working since 2016 to ameliorate the living conditions of inmates in prisons across Cameroon.



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