Esemi Menye Sentenced To Life Jail In Absentia

Esemi Menye Sentenced to Life Jail in Absentia

Cameroon's former Minister of Finance, and then Agriculture and Rural Development, Lazare Essimi Menye, has been sentenced to life imprisonment in abstentia. The sentence was pronounced by the Yaounde Special Criminal Court Tuesday April 2, 2019. He has been charged for embezzling State funds after paying a sum of FCFA1.7 billion to Challenger Corporation without any service rendered and equally, the liquidation of Amity Bank to the Ivorian group, Banque Atlantique.

Menye joined the Cameroon government as minister of finance after working as consultant with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), He was later appointed to head the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development where he was dropped in the October 2015 cabinet reshuffle.

After suffering a malaise, Menye was refused a medical evacuation, but he later left the country fraudulently where he is believed to have regained his job with IMF. His disappearance was followed by a warrant of arrest, issued by the special criminal court in March 14 , 2017.

Julius Ntang

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