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Yaounde: Young Idp Women & Girls Trained On Production Of Reusable Pads

Some young women and girls in Yaounde displaced by the on-going conflict in the North-West and South-West regions of Cameroon have been trained on how to manufacture reusable pads and manage their menstrual cycles.


This was during a one-day workshop organized by a local non governmental organization known as Youth Action for Sustainability and Community Development, YASCD under the theme "flow with dignity".
The organizers said they noticed that some internally displaced women and girls had been unable to observe proper menstrual hygiene due to abject poverty.
Stories were told of young IDP girls in Yaounde, who felt frustrated and abandoned school for seeing their periods unawares while in school.


"For this reason we decided to assemble some of them and teach them how to produce reusable pads, instead of letting them use crumpled up newspapers, leaves or rags as pads", narrated one of the organizers, Sinsai Justine Berinyuy.


During the workshop, participants were introduced to menstrual beads, used to calculate the menstrual cycle, including periods of ovulation, free periods, as well as unsafe periods.
The session was also used as an occasion to drill participants on the transmission chain of the COVID-19 pandemic and the preventive measures to be observed in order to check its spreads.


While participants like Sanyuy Mary believe the training will help lift her out of poverty as she intends to start the production and sale of reusable pads, others like Sylvie Dzekameni admitted that "this training has turned out to be one of the most educative sessions I've attended this year. I learned tips on how to stay neat during my periods, spending less, yet being so comfortable in my handmade reusable pads. I also increased my knowledge on my menstrual cycle as a whole, something I had always felt ackward about".


True to its motto which is "see a need, take the lead", Youth Action for Sustainability and Community Development is taking the lead to address some of the problems of underprivileged IDPs, even though with very little means.


Similar workshops shall be organized in other towns of Cameroon in order to continue spreading the good message of proper menstrual hygiene management to underprivileged women and young girls.

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