Kobo: Using Music To Valorise Neglected Cultural Values

Every passing day, the music industry in Cameroon registers a newcomer. In spite of the numerous challenges and scandals rocking the management of music authors rights in the country, the art has continued to seduce both the young and the old, some who come in with the dream of adding something new to the industry.


Kobo, as he is known on stage, is one of those budding artistes that is joining the industry in grand style.


After releasing "Covid-19" earlier this year, in which he tried to sensitize the public to the dangerous effects and barrier measures to adopt in combating the novel Coronavirus pandemic, Kobo is back, this time around, with a hit song titled "More Money Much".


Quizzed on the message behind the song, the artiste said "... 'More Money Much' is a song that celebrates success, especially financial breakthrough. It encourages education and any other activity that can generate income".


Peculiar about the track is the choreography invented to accompany it. He calls it the "Atinge dance" and explains that "Atinge is a royal masquerade of the Kom palace in Laikom that usually displays during funerals or other traditional ceremonies with unique and majestic dance steps. I thought of blending it with other steps in my music in order to promote my culture".


The choice of the "Atinge dance" came by no accident as the upcoming artiste said his objective is to reposition and promote unique cultural practices through his music. "My plan is to sell my culture to the whole world by bringing back aspects of it that have been forgotten or that are almost disappearing. That is why I make wide use of Kom language in most of my songs," he added.


Kobo also has other songs to his name, most of which are yet to be officially launched. In most of his songs, he features his all-time crony, Da Ziz.

Aside being a budding musician, Kobo is a philosophy teacher and also runs a couple of businesses.


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T Jones – Aug. 17, 2020, 12:35 p.m.

Thumbs up man. I ardor that special initiative.A man without a culture is like a tree without roots..

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Kobo – Aug. 15, 2020, 8:53 p.m.

Thanks very Much for this great article. I’m so so so so grateful..

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