Magistrates Smile Home After Meeting Of Higher Judicial Council

Monday, August 10, 2020, will no doubt, go down in record as a memorable for most Magistrates in Cameroon who had been waiting eagerly since 2017 for another meeting of the Higher Judicial Council.
It will equally remain a day of memories for the first batch of Magistrates of the Common Law Division of the National School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM).


As its mission stipulates, the Higher Judicial Council meets in order to examine files pertaining to the integration, promotion, transfer or sanctioning of magistrates.
Meeting on August 10, for the first time since it was last held in June 2017, the stakes no doubt were high, not only for senior magistrates expecting a change in scale, but also for the newly graduated pupil magistrates of ENAM.


For their part, the pioneer batch of magistrates of the Common Law Division (2017-2019), christened "peace and unity" decided to camp at the residence of one of their mates, Mrs Chia Melvis Chafa, to listen to the reading of the Presidential decree which sanctioned their integration into the Magistracy corp, following the holding of the Higher Judicial Council.


They stayed up all night, from 8pm to 4am, glued to a radio set made available for the purpose. It was a long, yet exciting night. And then came that special moment when the broadcaster got to their batch. Their countenance became a mixture of fear and excitement. Like a blast, the news dropped. They had all been posted to the Audit Bench of the Supreme Court, to the satisfaction of, now, Magistrate Atigi Regina Abeh who said "our bond shall never be broken. I'm so happy that we have been sent to the Supreme Court which is where we carried out our internship". His colleague, Ebaneck Desmond Azongkoh, could not hold back his joy.
"We are the first batch of Common Law Magistrates from the Common Law Division of ENAM that was created following the eruption of the Anglophone crisis. I will say our batch is privileged to have been posted directly after completing our training, meanwhile our seniors had been waiting for over two years," he thundered.


It was also an emotional moment for their colleague, Bella Njoteh, who spoke almost in tears, tears of joy though. "I feel like I have been electrified, it is a magnificent feeling. I wrote the entrance into ENAM four good times before finally making it in 2017 at the threshold age of 32, which was my last chance," he confided.
He also said, as he embraces the profession of his dreams, his interest will be to control state accounts genuinely in order to single out unscrupulous public servants and restore serenity in the presentation of accounts.


While thanking God for guiding them throughout their training, their class coordinator, Mbua Peter Mbolo, said they now look forward to the swearing-in ceremony during which they will take the oath of service before God and man.

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Ebaneck Desmond Azongkoh – Aug. 11, 2020, 10:06 p.m.

Special Thanks to the Almighty God who made it possible for us to go via the training successfully not forgetting our family members for their support for during our training. We look up to the Lord to guid us with the task ahead by rendering Justice with the Law and our Conscience. Justice must not only be done but it must be seen to be done. DURA LEX SED LEX .

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