Meet Tb Moh Neh And His Group Of Gospel Artistes Transforming Souls Through Music

Before late 2019, very little was known about him as far as the music industry of Cameroon, especially the gospel brand is concerned even though he started music some six years ago. But before the year winked off, TB Moh Neh had positioned himself as an artiste to reckon with when he released "Holy ghost' which has been airing in many TV channels across the national territory.


Today, Ebot Productions presents to you the remix of that song 'Holy ghost' which is the outcome of a blockbuster collabo with MC Clo, Gwladys Djam and Broda Psalmz. The original song was released earlier this year by TB Moh Neh, buy alongside these great gospel artistes, they have decided to come up with a remix.


TB Moh Neh made his way into the music industry in 2014 with his single titled "No Love". Since then, he has released a couple of songs like 'greatest love,' 'mercy,' 'there is grace' and 'Holy ghost'. He is one of the best gospel rappers we have in 237.


His collaborator, MC Clo, is a popular name in the South West region of Cameroon. He is the initiator of the "Street Gospel", that took place in the town of Buea. He has released a couple of spirit filled songs, among which is "Pray for Cameroon", song that melts hearts.


Broda Psalmz for his part is that uprising gospel rapper who is doing amazingly well. He has some few songs that have not yet been released officially. Holy ghost remix is that opportunity for you to get to know the stuff he is made of.

Of no small importance is Gwladys Djam, a worshipper whose melodious voice readily takes you beyond the clouds to commune with the celestial beings. She is considered by many as Cameroon's version of Sinach.


'Holy ghost' remix will be dropping on July 17, 2020 on all digital plateforms. Stay tuned and don't miss it.

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