Senator Ajuo Ngam Bags Post-Graduate Degree In Law

The SDF Senator from the North-West Region has added another feather to his already decorated cap following the successful defense of a Masters degree at the Catholic University of Central Africa, UCAC.


Working on the topic "The Justiciability of Human Rights in African Constitutionalism: A cross comparison of the Cameroonian and South African Constitutions", he explored the mechanisms that have been put in place in both countries to defend and promote internationally recognized human rights.


The study also focused on the challenges encountered by the judicial systems of the two countries in the enforcement of human rights.

From his findings, Honore Ajuo Ngam, drove home the argument that the Constitution of Cameroon has made an elaborate enunciation of human rights that ought to be enjoyed by the citizens, but no clear cut mechanism has been put in place to enforce or guarantee them.

He also underlined that, unlike in South Africa where every citizen who suffers prejudice can access the Constitutional Court, access to the Constitutional Council in Cameroon has been limited to the President of the Republic, President of the Senate, one third members of the Senate or Presidents of Regional Councils. This practice, he demonstrated, leaves room for human rights violations and consequently, conflicts.


The presiding jury manned by Prof. Jean Didier Boukongou, Dr Pierre Thibaut Bata and Dr Onana Maurice Magloire found his work pertinent and interesting, and his arguments convincing. These earned him a score of 15.5.

Far from considering this new achievement as his final bus stop, Senator Ngam told that he is considering the possibility of going a step further for no knowledge acquired is redundant.

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