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Following The Brutal Killing Of An African-American, George Floyd, By The Minneapolis Cops, Gilian Nindum Laments On The Fate Of Blacks Accross The Globe

Racial battles every now and then

It’s a terrible predicament

  • An anathema

To be born black

Just because of racial spaces

They’ve enslaved them

They’ve victimized them

They’ve lynched them

They’ve hung them

They’ve tortured them

Members of the inferior race

The debased human beings

The color line every now and then

Their identity threatened every now and then



Thinking about my race

I loose breath

Thinking about my neck

I’m going crazy

Thinking about you blacks

And now the unforgettable story


The George Floyld story

They’ve crushed a blackman

Charged for forgery

Denied a place in the law court

Way down the Minneapolis they protest

There lies a certain blackman

For the world to see

How the white police

Protects its race

On his neck kneeling a white police

By his side standing some more

He cried aloud

“I can’t breathe!”


It hurts deep!

The deep feelings of the black race

Prejudice, discrimination, torture and harassment everywhere

Emancipation, denied

Independence, deprived of

Democracy, starved of

Inalienable rights, a gift you refuse them.

I guess being black doesn’t make them not have

The same breath other whites have.


You are white

I am black

We were created equal

I believe in all we say

I believe in all we are

What we must be

You can never change it

What will be will be

Those who sleep in death will also be raised.




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