Most Wanted Rwanda Genocide Suspect Arrested In France After 26 Years

Félicien Kabuga, considered as the main brain behind the Rwandan genocide was arrested on the outskirts of Paris this Saturday, May 16.

Mr Kabuga, who is now 84 years old, is accused of having been the main sponsor of the ethnic Hutu extremists who targeted members of the minority Tutsi community, including political opponents, killing over 800,000 of them in 1994.

According to information gathered from the BBC, the businessman from the Hutu ethnic group founded and funded the famous Radio Milles Collines, which encouraged people to search out and kill anyone who was from the Tutsi ethnic group.

He is also accused to have been the number one financier who paid the militias that carried out the killings.

Félicien Kabuga was arrested on the outskirts of Paris where he had been living under a false identity, meanwhile it was initially thought that he had taken refuge in Kenya.

He had been indicted in 1997 for genocide, complicity in genocide, persecution, extermination and other crimes against humanity.

After appropriate procedures under French law, Félicien Kabuga will be transferred to the custody of the International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals at The Hague to stand trial.

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