Human Rights Watch Reacts To Suspension Of Agbor Balls From Ub

Human Rights Watch has weighed in after the Minister of Higher Education wrote to the University of Buea on April 20, instructing the Vice Chancellor to terminate all activities of Barrister Felix Nkongho Agbor in the institution for breaching the University's code of ethics and conduct.


The Human Right Watch director for Central Africa, Lewis Mudge, said the suspension of the lecturer of law is an attempt by the government to stifle debate on current issues in the country, especially the Anglophone Crisis.


The organization goes further to quote the Barrister as saying his suspension is connected to an assignment in which he asked students to explore the reasons behind the Anglophone Crisis, while adding that his intention was only to get the law students put the crisis into a legal context.


Even though Barrister Nkongho insists that he does not discuss politics in the classroom, Human Rights Watch says an official of the Ministry of Higher Education told Radio France International that the former had 'turned a classroom into a political space.'


Mention is also made of a teacher who was arrested on September 13, 2019 in a village in the South Region for saying in class that the government was considering allowing Maurice Kamto to participate in the Major National Dialogue.



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