Government Lifts Ban On Drinking Spots, Makes Tax Exonerations To Reduce Impact Of Coronavirus

Business operators across the country have been reacting positively to government's decision to lift the 6pm restriction on bars and leisure spots and the economic stimulus package earmarked to rescue businesses that have almost crumbled under the weight of the pandemic.


The decisions were announced this evening by the Prime Minister, Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute and come after a participatory study, carried out at the behest of the Head of State, showed proof of a general economic distress as a result of the Coivd-19 outbreak.


As part of the 19 accompanying measures, bars, restaurants and leisure spots shall henceforth remain open after 6pm on the condition that customers respect the 20 measures which include the obligatory wearing of face masks.


The restriction for transport vehicles to limit the number of passengers has also been uplifted, but they have been warned against overloading their vehicles.


Due to the economic and social distortions that the pandemic has imposed on the economy, government has allocated the sum of 25 billion francs to assist companies.
A further relieve measure is the increase of the family allowance from 2800 francs to 4500 francs, while there will be an increase of 20% in old age pensions that were not automatically reevaluated after the 2016 reform.


A wide range of measures touching on tax exonerations and tax credits have equally been earmarked all in a bit to ease the negative impact of the outbreak on the economy, meanwhile government has also extended for another 15 days, the measures taken to combat the virus.

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