Kamto Rejects Government'S Version Of Ngarbuh Massacre

The president-elect of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, Maurice Kamto, has said the enquiry report on the Ngarbuh massacre that was made public on April 21, was deliberately truncated by the government in order to conceal the identities of the culprits.


Maurice Kamto made the allegation in a press release signed later today, April 23, in which he also accuses President Biya of not treating the matter with the expected seriousness.


In the write-up, the opposition leader tries to identify loopholes found in the Ngarbuh report. Among other issues, Kamto raises questions on the total number of people killed during the operation, the number of houses burnt and the faces of those in the Army and Government that tried to manipulate national and international opinion by rendering an initial false report of what actually transpired that faithful night.


Maurice Kamto further sought to know the fate of those arrested on grounds of collaborating with Human Rights Watch, especially the alleged separatist fighter that was arrested and tortured for purportedly sending fake videos to the aforementioned human rights organization.


While seeking to know what has been earmarked to calm the tensions in the area between the Fulani and other communities, the politician has expressed the wish for the government to investigate other killings in the country including those committed in Pinyin, Bakweri Town, Muyuka, Belo, Wum and Esu.

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