Theme Of 48Th Edition Of National Day Made Public

On May 20, Cameroonians from all walks of life shall celebrate the 48th edition of National Day which may not be marked by the usual pomp and colour due to the continuous spread of the Coronavirus.


While efforts are being doubled in order to rid the country of the deadly pandemic, the President of the Republic, Paul Biya, has already made public the theme of this year's edition of the Day.


As read from a press release addressed by the Minister Delegate in Charge of Defence, Joseph Beti Assomo, National Day celebrations shall take place this year under the theme "United against the COVID-19 pandemic, to resolutely steer Cameroon on the path of resilience, peace, stability and economic development."


The theme captures, succinctly, the different challenges the country is meandering through at the moment where, in addition to the security issues in some regions of the country, the current pandemic has stalled activities in all sectors of life.


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