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North West Records First Coronavirus Case

The North West Region has now joined the list of regions in the country to have recorded, at least, a confirmed case of the deadly Coronavirus.


According to the Governor of the region, Adolphe Lele Lafrique, the positive case in question came into the region on April 15 from Douala. Though based in Douala, the virus-carrier is said to be a native of the North West Region and drove into the region in his private car.


After submitting himself for testing at Matazem, he turned up at the Regional Hospital on April 16 where his blood samples were taken and sent to Centre Pasteur in Yaounde for analysis.


It was on Monday, April 20 that Centre Pasteur confirmed that he had tested positive to COVID-19. The Rapid Intervention and Investigation Team of the region has been immediately activated to trace the contacts of the confirmed case, while the victim is being managed by the health authorities of the region.


This is the first official case of COVID-19 in the North West region. Weeks ago, a case was hastily announced in the region but turned out to be a false alert.

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