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Komcuda Yaounde Joins Fight Against Coronavirus

The Yaounde chapter of the Kom Cultural and Development Association  KOMCUDA, has joined the fray in the fight against the ravaging Coronavirus pandemic as it distributed basic sanitary kits to underprivileged Kom sons and daughters over the weekend. 


A caravan commissioned by the executive of KOMCUDA and headed by Bobe Lahnjung Lambert and Nyam Kenneth made stopovers in the Obili and Mbangkolo neighbourhoods on Sunday, April 19 to distribute face masks and soap to IDPs and others who cannot afford these much needed items to protect themselves from contracting the virus. 


The equipment were gotten thanks to the largesse and magnanimity of the Representative of the Fon of Kom, Bochong Sam Francis, the President of KOMCUDA, Ntumfoyn Njoh Philip, Dr Ndabuf Praxidis and Nawain Tilder Kumichi, who all made financial contributions for the items to be acquired. 


The distribution exercise continues this Monday with stopovers in Etoudi, Ngousso, Essos and Ekounou while the other neighbourhoods shall be served within the week. The exercise falls in line with the contribution of the Kom elite to fight against the deadly pandemic at a time when Cameroon and the world are still making frantic efforts to discover a cure or vaccine that will rid the world of a common enemy, the Coronavirus. 

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Nchie Elvis – April 20, 2020, 3:39 p.m.

Good initiative from the initiators. I wonder if kom has only those few names as elites? Is it that our other elites don't have the concern of their poor people or idps? This initiative needs to be supported from all angles. At the same time, komcuda yde should be thinking of adding its name on this list, this gesture is from individuals and we expect them as a mother association, that takes care of the entire kom community in yde, to reach out to its people. Covid19 is real and has no baiase, whether rich or poor, young or old we are all vulnerable to it. Stay home as much as u can and go out only when its really necessary. Always remember to wash ur hand frequently, wear face mask in public places and maintain social distance. This war is fought at individual levels and any other thing, is an addition.

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Ngam Caleb chah – April 20, 2020, 2:29 p.m.

I most confess that is good. This is what God want from us. I pray that as we continue with this gesture may God Almighty guide us. Our people are preserved , we are protected this plaque will not see us in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. We are covered by the blood of Jesus..

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