For Using English, Beac Rejects Application From Campost

A document signed by BEAC's boss and addressed to the Director General of CAMPOST has found its way on social media platforms and is fuelling a lot of debate and raising questions. 


In the said document ABBAS MAHAMAT TOLLI of BEAC explains to the Director General of CAMPOST the documents submitted in March have not been considered because they were submitted in English, rather than French, which he says is the working language of the institution.


ABBAS MAHAMAT TOLLI goes ahead to advice the CMAPOST boss to reconstitute the documents, all in French, and re-submit before such can retain the attention of that sub regional institution, which has Cameroon (a country which uses English and French as official languages) as a member. 


By extrapolation, this means Cameroon is not recognized within BEAC as a bilingual country  but as French-speaking. This reading of the document comes to add to the unaverred status of Cameroon as an entirely French-speaking country within the CEMAC sub-region. 


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