Unesco To Assist Government In Developing A Linguistic Policy For Cameroon

The Regional Director for Central Africa of the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO, has pledged his institution's readiness to accompany the government of Cameroon in the elaboration of a comprehensive linguistic policy.


Salah Khaled made the announcement at a national workshop to reflect on a linguistic policy for the nation that was held at the UNESCO multi-sectoral regional office in Yaounde from October 17 to 18.


While saluting the government of Cameroon for the strides made so far in the promotion of national languages, Salah Khaled however noted that Cameroon's linguistic policy till date has been limited to the promotion of its official languages - English and French. 


It is in order to expand this policy to include national languages that UNESCO decided to organize this two-day workshop which brought together representatives from the ministries in charge of education, the National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism, and some language experts to share ideas on the way forward. The intention is to formulate a major strategic axis of Cameroon's language policy, together with an inclusive implementation framework. 


Reacting after the opening ceremony of the event, the Director General of SIL for Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea, Fabienne Freeland, said "the identity of each one of us is preserved and encapsulated in our languages. If we're proud of who we are, we'll not be afraid to interact with someone from a different culture. Preserving each one's identity and cultural diversity promotes unity and living together". 


UNESCO's regional director also used the event to hail President Biya for the holding of the major national dialogue during which language was one of the issues under discussion. 




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