Cameroon: Ambazonian Detainees Stage Protest At Kondengui Prison

Ambazonians detained at the Yaounde Maximum Security prison Kondengui this morning staged a protest at the prison’s premises, calling on the government to release them so they may join their family members.


According to reports, the Anglophone detainees, joined by some few CRM prisoners began the protest early this morning, calling on the government to address their situation.


Placards in hands, the protesters said only a ceasefire will account for a peaceful environment for an effective resumption of school for the coming academic year.


Sources equally say they sang the Ambazonia anthem, holding colours of the flag.


These detainees have been at the Kondengui prison for many months today without trial. Some of them were arrested following the CRM protest matches and others following the crisis in the two Anglophone regions of the country.

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