Breaking News : Parliamentary, Municipal Elections To Be Postponed

It is finally clear that municipal and parliamentary elections shall not hold this year as earlier expected. This position has just been confirmed by a letter addressed by President Paul Biya to the President of the National Assembly. 


In the said note, the Head of State has pleaded with Hon. Cavaye Yegue Djibril, to convoke the bureau of the National Assembly and discuss the possibility of extending the mandates of municipal councilors and municipal parliamentarians for a new period of two months starting from October 29.


The twin elections were due for this year after their mandates were extended last year as a result of the presidential election. The president says the decision is to ensure harmony during the November session which is dedicated to examining the bill on the State budget. 


This postponement, many have said, comforts the Social Democratic Front party that has been crusading for the deferment of the elections until a lasting solution is sought for the crisis in the Northwest and Southwest Regions of the country.


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