Breaking News: Former Egyptian President, Mohamed Morsi, Is No More!

Egypt's State media has announced that the country's former president, Mohamed Morsi, fainted and later succumbed to the cold hands of death during a court session.


The 67-year old ex-president was serving a jail term for allegedly falsifying his candidacy application during the 2012 presidential election. His health condition is said to have deterioted while he was in prison. 


Mohamed Morsi became the first democratically elected president of Egypt in 2012 after the Arab Spring ended the 30-year rule of Hosni Mubarak. 


He was toppled in July 2013 in a military coup, barely a year after taking over office, in a wave of mass protest against his rule. 


He was appearing in court this time around to answer charges on accusations related to espionage. 


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