Breaking News: Theresa May Resigns As British Prime Minister

The Brexit deal has claimed the head of another British Premier. After David Cameron in 2016, it is now the turn of Theresa May who has announced her resignation from 10 Downing Street as a result of her failure to pull through a deal on which the U.K will leave the E. U.


In tears, Theresa May announced this Friday morning that her resignation will take effect from June 7, 2019, and has expressed profound regret to have been unable to achieve the Brexit deal.


On three different occasions, May presented a deal to Parliament on the basis of which the UK was to quit the EU, but each of these deals was rejected. With May continuously losing the support of Conservative MPs, coupled with the resignation of some of her Cabinet Ministers, the Brexit deal was brought to a gridlock. Political pressure was brought to bear on her, pressure which has finally forced her to pronounce her resignation today.


As the Conservative Party braces up to elect a successor to push through the deal, public opinion is already previewing hard times for him or her as the party is no longer in the majority in the House of Commons. Boris Johnson is so far seen as a potential successor who will be expected to reach a Brexit deal latest October 31.





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