Cameroon’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Set to Benefit From India’s Expertise

The information was made known during an audience between the Minister Achille BASSILEKIN III and the High Commissioner of India to Cameroon,RAKESH MALHOTRA. 

Cooperation ties between Cameroon and India were strengthened on March 31st 2020 in an audience granted by the Minister of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Social Economy and Handicrafts, Achille BASSILEKIN III to the High Commissioner of India to Cameroon, RAKESH MALHOTRA.

The approximately forty five minutes tête-a-tête between both parties, alongside their close collaborators was centered, among other issues, on exploring the possibilities of enforcing the exportation of Cameroon handicraft products and ameliorating its entrepreneurial ecosystem.

In the course of this exchange, both partiesexpressed their desires to explore the possibilities of working together in the field of SMEs and Handicrafts. Given that there exists a Ministry in India dedicated to Micro and Small Enterprises endowed with a complete package of programs that offer trainings, Cameroonhopes to benefit from the expertise, creativity and innovation of this structure so as to help improve and revitalize the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country. 

The partnership between both countries will be beneficial to Cameroon’s handicraft sector, which will gain from the expertise of the Indian Centre for the Exportation of Handicrafts. In this light, a virtual meeting is said to be organized with those in charge of this center in New Delhi, some staff of the ministry, as well as associations in charge of Handicrafts.

In a bid to foster strong and fruitful partnerships, both countries agreed to create a general roadmap on the issues outlined so that the Indian example should inspire advancements in these domains kn a bit to promote and revamp the growth of the SME and Handicraft sectors as envisaged.

The recent implantation of the High Commission of India in Cameroon is a timely gesture, creating a favorable environment for this partnership that is seen as an added advantage to both countries .   

By Daniel Ndieh

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