Pastor Bangha: When the Sun Finally Shines, Kom Celebrates

Seh Emmanuel Bangha, popularly known as Pastor Bangha due to his musical productions finally comes out to the lamplight with a video of his ground breaking song “Foyn ti foyn”, translated to English language as “King of King”.
Born at Afuah in Kom, Pastor Bangha is the second child in a family of eight with a noble background and a God-fearing upbringing. Today a pastor with Jikijem Baptist Church in Oku, Pastor Bangha has braved through numerous challenges and has succeeded to remain one of Kom’s finest and most respected artistes.
Quizzed on the source of inspiration behind the irresistible song, Pastor Bangha revealed that when he released the album “Mountain Top,” he thought the song that would go places would be “Let The Redeem Stand on the Tountain Top,” but to his greatest surprise, God chose to show his might through “Foyn ti Foyn,” a Song that has been celebrated all over Cameroon and beyond.
With more than ten songs to his credit, “Foyn ti Foyn” is a captivating, high-energy song that blends musicianship, creativity, praise and culture. It has been seen by many as a bottomless barrel of musical ear candy that keeps fans dancing, stamping and singing along.
For over 15 years, this song has been known but it’s author was never known, albeit beyond his name.
As a committed church pastor without an assistant, Pastor Bangha says he is unable at times to attend concerts and other events he is invited to because he has Christ’s flock to look after as his first responsibility and priority.
Released in 2006, Pastor Bangha titled the song “ikosi i Kom” but society renamed it “Foyn ti Foyn” which he joyfully accepted.
Handcuffed by time and financial constraints, he was unable to get a video done for his most cherished soundtrack. But today, that is 15 years later, a group of Kom positive influencers based in Cameroon and the US have decided to put resources together and celebrate this Kom musical icon with a video release of “Foyn ti Foyn”. The highly awaited video will drop on Saturday, March 27, 2021 at 6pm Cameroon time and 1pm East Washington DC time.

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