Eventmeed’s Senior Content Developer, MUAM GEORGE Collects $1000 Worth APPLE IPHONE 11 PRO MAX from US-Based CHRISTMAS SUPERQUIZ Quiz Sponsor EYAMBE JOHNSON

It’s done and sealed. Yaounde-based CHRISTMAS SUPERQUIZ 2020 SUPERCHAMPION Muam George has returned to Yaounde with his awesome Christmas SuperQuiz First Prize $1000 Worth APPLE IPHONE 11 PRO MAX. Quiz Sponsor EYAMBE JOHNSON flew in specially from Maryland, USA to personally hand over the Cute Prize to the Champion last Friday night at BIG BITE RESTAURANT VIP Lounge. “I want to congratulate you for winning the SuperQuiz on Invest in Limbe. I know this will help you in your job as a journalist. I am a son of Limbe and we follow Invest in Limbe from the all over the world. It’s a wonderful platform and I will never stop supporting with the best I have. Keep following Invest in Limbe. Let’s make our City Great,” he told the Super Champion as the 256Go Phone slided from his hands into Muam George’s waiting hands.

2020 SuperChampion Muam George could have been the happiest man in Limbe last Friday night. Arriving from Yaounde a few hours earlier, he was almost close to tears of joy when he listened to the Quiz Sponsor and received his Prize.

“I would say this is the best thing that has happened to me in a very long while. I want to thank the quiz sponsor, Mr Eyambe Johnson aka Tunde, for the great sacrifice he made to procure us the wonderful prizes. We shall remain forever grateful, and each time we shall pick up these gadget to punch, memories of our meeting at Big Bite Restaurant Downbeach shall be rekindled in our minds. I can confidently say I now have the magical tool that will facilitate my work as a blogger in all aspects of the term. Once again I say Thank You. it is a dream come true,” the SuperChampion said with emotion. Even the Quiz Master was mesmerised.

“It is a great pleasure to have finally met you today Quiz Master and to have learned from your rich experience. I am so grateful,” Muam George told the watching Quiz Master.

Muam George was indeed a SuperChampion last Christmas Day. This journalist based in Yaounde scored 9/10 points on Christmas afternoon at 1:44pm to become the 2020 CHRISTMAS SUPERQUIZ Champion. The April 13th Quiz Winner responded to the question after facing challenges with his internet connection.

Since that day, Muam George looked forward to the day he would hold his splendid $1000 worth APPLE IPHONE 11 PRO MAX offered by SuperQuiz Sponsor EYAMBE JOHNSON a.k.a.TUNDE who is a Senior Network Architect based in the USA.

From his base in Maryland, ex-GHS Limbe student Eyambe Johnson a.k.a. Tunde followed the Christmas SuperQuiz with excitement. He had also won the January 27 2020 Quiz on this platform and sponsored the Dec 2 2019 Quiz with awesome prizes like a brand new Laptop Computer for the Limbe-based Champion Andrew Aloge a.k.a Emperor and a day in a 50.000frs/night room at FINI HOTEL Bobende for Kumba-based Second Prize winner Jeannefrances Yama as well as a delicious Lunch-for-Two at BIG BITE RESTAURANT for Douala-based Third Prize Winner Eseh Queenta Njume.

Eyambe Johnson a.k.a. Tunde is a Senior Network Architect who has designed and implemented global networks for some Fortune 500 companies like Johnson&Johnson, Western Union and Pepico etc.

As an early follower of Invest in Limbe, he once had this to say about the platform: “I was very impressed by the Initiative of the ‘Invest in Limbe’ platform to showcase the investment and touristic potential of this very great and historic city. Everyone who is close to me will testify that I am very passionate about Limbe. It is the city of my childhood. So, I am very proud of what you are doing.”

BIG THANK YOU Tunde for this Awesome Prize. Thank You for sharing the vision of this platform. We thank God for Journey Mercies as you confirm you have just arrived your home in Maryland. God Bless You and Your Love For Limbe and its Beautiful People.

Quiz Master #investinlimbe

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